Way Out

Copyright, Vicious

So I need this overwhelming feeling. So I want more time to start healing. Cuts and bruises, leaking all of my body fluids. Seeking a way out, Blood on the couch. So I found my release. Watching myself bleed, its all I need. It’s my only way out, it’s the only thing u doubt. Cuts so deep, just like the lies u keep. Late at night when your all asleep, I watch the razor seep. I watch my skin divide, and I consider suicide. It’s the only thing that stops the shout. It’s my only way out.

Death Knocks

Copyright, Vicious

Death will come and
all your problems will have a sum
your skin will rip and
your blood will drip
death has tapped and
you open your door
your life has been kidnapped
and you breathe no more.


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