Please Give Me Back My Heart

Copyright Zandra

You will never know what you put me through.
All the broken promises that will never come true.
What a horrible way to leave.
Now you’re holding on too tight,
I can hardly breathe.
And all I can do is cry in bed.
But what do you care,
You’re dead.
You decided to leave before your time.
You didn’t just end your life,
You ended mine.
I talked to you like I did no other.
You weren’t just my best friend,
You were considered my brother.
You said you left because you couldn’t take the pain.
Well to me your excuse is kind of lame.
I feel pain all the time,
But you don’t see me ending mine.
I guess you weren’t the person I thought.
Couldn’t take it when a situation got too hot.
If you truly want to be apart,
Could you please, give me back my heart?


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