Zoe Nadja

Sickness in Memories

Copyright Zoe Nadja

Fond memories
under the moon
corrupted souls
blazing the sun
the thought makes me sick
that you were always there
in my time of need
all you did
was stand there
like the hands ticking
on the void of a faceless clock
they laugh in my face
as my eyes glow red
please don’t let me alone
death wants my soul
hell wants my body
don’t let me fall
falling faster every day
catch me, catch me please
i am not ready for this fall
mortal life knows no such thing
famed and gloried under his bloody sword
guilt, greed
love, lost
in the end it’s all the same.
gimme something
I can really hold on to
something I can grasp
without hurting too much
the pain
is always


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