Copyright Zanthia

This ugly world is so depressing
You can’t make me believe
That anything is wrong
But I know that
Nothing is right
Chaos in my mind
But I am not crazy
Not weak
I could have died if I wanted to
Considering possible cuts
My only power
No one can hurt me
More than I can hurt
Yes, they’re scary
Tiny cuts
Very painful, I know
And I’m sorry
My personal therapy
Somehow helps me
Don’t call it abuse
Here I have control
Try to talk to me
Try to listen
It does me no good
Anguish, anger remain
You won’t shut my mind up
Your pills won’t stifle my thoughts
Never surrendering
Surviving on my own — Living
I am not a wretch
Who needs a hero
Do not try to save my day
I can save myself


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