Liquid Tomb

Copyright Zoey

I sit here now, I’m all alone
I tried to call you on the phone
but you were with him you see
now i just want to be free;
so i go to the bathroom
& start the water
filling up my liquid tomb;
my clothes are piled on the floor
i go to check and lock the door
i step into my liquid tomb
I’ll soon be freed from all this gloom
now i take the sharp tool
i bet you’ll feel like a fool
when youg et home and then you see
you should have spent your time with me

New Found Razor Obsession

Copyright Zoey

I used a razor blade today.
It worked much better
And easily cleaved my troubles away.
All it took was one swift slash
And split seconds later…
Blood seaped out from the gash.
I looked down and saw the mess,
But didn’t care,
Because for one small moment…
I experienced what they call


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