5 Minutes Behind

Copyright Zen

You get a great view of life
From 5 minutes behind,
The world seems somewhat quieter
From 5 minutes behind.
Your friends say
‘Are you coming Nez?’
Without wanting a responce,
How superficial it all is;
You’ve thought that more than once.
Your sleeves rolled down, even in the heat,
A bit tight around the cuff,
‘Should I dare to roll them up?
They’ll notice soon enough.’
You trail along, your twisted mind
Is screaming fearsome things
“Why don’t you show them now?
‘Round your arms cut bloody rings…”

Your eyes sting more
5 Minutes behind,
Your arms red-raw
5 Minutes behind.
The deed is done, no going back
You begin to wonder why
But next day at school
‘You took your time Nez…’
‘Sorry, I must run 5 minutes behind.’


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