In the Shadows


Copyright, In the Shadows

You’ve become a part of me,
You’re deep inside my head.
You’ve taken over my mind,
Take over yours instead.
What have I really done to you,
To make you treat me this way?
You act like everything’s okay,
But you don’t let me have my say,
I may as well be dead,
I’m not really here
Not at all
I’m dead.

If you really cared for me,
If you really did,
Then you save me from this torture,
This torture hurt and pain.
You’d shield me from your insults,
Your lies and disbelieve,
In what I do and what I say.
Is there no other way?
But you don’t let me have my say,
You’ll never go away,
Until my dying days,
So, I may as well be dead,
I may as well go away,
I’m not really here,
Not at all,
I’m dying.
Now and forever,
You’re killing me…
…I’m gone.
Are you happy now?


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