Copyright, Isis

I can’t help but think
you don’t love me
because through my eyes
nobody does
and even if you do like me
ill be happy to call you my friend
and even if i seem as though
i dont like you
i don’t think you understand
how my other boyfriends
have treated me.
so i am very sorry
for not beliving you
because i love you
and i won’t hide from you

Why would you want me?

Copyright, Isis

There’s nothing to say
I have nothing to say
On your back is where you lay
and I hate you.

You ask me stupid questions
I give you stupid anwsers
That’s all you deserve
Nothing from me.

You get all you want from her…
Don’t you?!?
She’s happy,beautiful,a flower
Why would you want me?
A weed…
I have nothing of use to you.

I’m loud,stupid…
I follow, I don’t lead
I’m always sorry, and to upset to be upset
That makes no sense…
Nither do I
Good bye…

Just bye…


Copyright, Isis

I am nothing
My peotry is horrible
It dosen’t even rhym
Or make sense
Nobody wants to see me
Nobody wants to be near me
I’m a waste of space
Your’e right…
A waste of time and air

I am the apitamy of Murphy’s law
I am the worst thing that ever happened

I am all alone
Just the invisible girl
Just one more problem for everyone else
I take up people’s tome
Because they think I can’t be steady on my own
But I am alone…


Copyright, Isis

Beautiful glittering blood
Runs down my leg
As I pull the blade away
I am left wandering
Why is this my last resort?
With realizing my stpidity
I do it again and again
Untill it stains my
Carpet.I try to cover the
torn flesh with a towel.
It bleeds through.
The towel is nw stained,
Like my mind
Stained red as a rose.
I break a pen
I pour the ink into my cuts.
It hurts, but I love it.
I wipe it off with a towel.
I cut it deeper
The blood runs even thicker
I’m alone
I scream
The blood stains my arm.

The Feeling

Copyright, Isis

It wakes you up in the middle of the night
But you werent sleeping anyway
Pick up the scissors, razor, glass
Releace the pain
Where have I gone?
I am transparent now
I’m invisible
Not my scars
My cuts bleed into
The sink, I break the mirror
I hate the way I look
Ugly me
My beautiful, sinful blood runs down my arm
Into my palm
I love this feeling


Copyright, Isis

Why do you do that?
Why do you act like you want me?
Why do I even bother?
I hate you
You make me hate you
You make me hate everyone around me
but I’m not like them
I don’t believe you
I don’t act like I understand
You kissed my scars
Then said we were sort of friends
You said you would do anything to make me stop
Then you denied me the compassion you showed that night
How can you lie to them?
To me?
And the cold blade touches my skin once again
Exposing my hate for you

Life is not Over Yet?

Copyright, Isis

there is no logic behind me
i hate my self
i hate my scars
no reason
invented reasons
no warning for all my
“innocent bystanders”
just fear
just dark
just guess
a million words for a permanent picture
etched in flesh
i babble
i mouth words of disbelief
i am an anti-optimist
my mind is stupid
my words are stupid
life is not over yet?
i cant help myself
left behind
unbelieving every word you say
these cuts(now healed)
are a reminder
of my flaws
flaws for flaws
i etch it into me
there is no end
no beginning
no way to escape this apathy of pain
that engulfs my mind


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