Make Me

Copyright, Iulia

To be alive is to live
that is my new epiphany in life
replaced the wrong out with the wright
having full content of only light

still im standing as a naked girl
I make love in captivity
I hurt as my flaws draws out
a combust with repulsive thoughts
If only I had a hand
that didnt shake me down befor I stand

people would let me —
teach them how to smile again


Copyright, Iulia

There is this shiny metal
My silvery comfort
Im so easily combustible
I wish a tick wasn’t my time
These wounds wont heal
I shall never repent or feel
I shake in this shivering cold
Im all alone and in my hand i hold
A knife, a blade, a piece of paper
I am to embarrass to spill the truth
So I make lines that embrace the depress time of my youth
Will I ever be loved?
A monster horred with scars and red eyes
Do they even care?
That I’ve lost pain and that I need air?

Hate the everyday

Copyright, Iulia

I wake up
Dont wanna get out of bed
I worry about the next step
Which foods to eat?
Which object to cut with?
Oh… Was I always this sick?
A day abuse, it just said click
I wanna control
I dont wanna eat but remain cold
“She´s a hollow ghost”
Skinny, scared, burned
So decisively wont wait no more
Im tired of these models
A image I could never be
And they say that they love me
Dont lie — dont make me cry
Dont make me cut — I throw up
Again… nothing really means a fuck


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