Maybe I’m Falling

Copyright, Innocencedemised

twisting downward,
or maybe i’m falling.
i hate this cycle.
fake smiles
and forced laughs,
pretending i’m okay.
no one knows i’m hurting.
i don’t believe a word you say
i know you’re lying,
you don’t care about me,
you don’t care what i do.
stop lying.
and the pills are nestled in my hand,
over-flowing onto my bed.
i’ve counted them all.
this time i won’t screw up.
this time i will be gone…
stop trying to stop me.
don’t tell me you’ll die too.
you don’t care.
you can’t care
about me.
yet, through my hot tears,
i glimpse something there
to hold on to.

They Call It Lovely

Copyright, Innocencedemised

Red on the surface
You’re broadcasting your pain
But people recoil in fear
They don’t want to hear
The words of a tortured soul,
Yet they call the poetry lovely.
Red dripping down your arm.
You’re captivated by the process
By which you heal.
By which scars form.
So you create wounds
To tell what words cannot.


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