Final Cut

Copyright Ines

imagine you cut yourself deep
deeper than you wanted to
and just watch yourself bleed
‘cause there’s nothing you can do

you look at your bloody wrist
and all you can do is cry
wanna live, don’t wanna bleed
it’s too soon to die

just wanted to cut yourself like any time before
but all the anger in your heart made you cut a lil’ more

this time you pressed little harder
and razor balde was little sharper
wanna live
don’t wanna die
but all you can do
is sit in your blood and cry

Bad Part of Me

Copyright Ines

Scars on my arms
scars on my heart
scars everywhere

you turn your head
pretend you don’t see ‘em
but they are there

you look in my face
you grab my hand
you look in my eyes
and i just know

i can’t disscuise
these tears in my eyes
you descovered my lies

you ask me why
and what should i say?
it’s not that i like it
but it’s too late

‘cause it’s part of me
it’s under my skin
and it’s eating me alive
while i sleep at night

Helping, but Killing

Copyright Ines

what scars on wrists?
i don’t see them
razor blade?
what is that?
c’mon now
play this game with me
help me fool myself
so i wouldn’t see
that the only thing
that’s helping me
is really killing me


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