Copyright, Felicia

I guide my destruction
Down the blue and green lines
The tough exterior giving way
To the liquid withheld within

No regrets the color of crimson
Only beauty the shade of passion
There is no turning away now
I never want this to end

The scarring of a broken child
Innocence lost in endless sorrow
I do because it’s all I know
It keeps me from fading away

The pain is only relative
To the binding ropes within
Holding tightly to the only real thing
Left to make me feel

Never numb to the burning ache
That you could never know
Happy within your own shell
The real world has not beckoned you

Seeing the after effects
That I love, and you judge
I am not crazy, I am perfectly sane
I just know the world better than you

Do not look at me and tell me
What I do is wrong
I know well it is not a good choice
But we’re all allowed our mistakes…

Addiction carries over me
Longing for a taste again
My demon watching over me
Breathing down my neck

I tell myself, “No, not again,”
“It’s much to soon to feel.”
But still it follows me along
Until I give in and obey

You see all of my milky white lines
And new ones made of pink and maroon
Watching from the corner of your eye
Seeing all my destruction

I promised you I would try to stop
Hollow words that mean not a thing
You think it’s so easy, don’t you?
If so, you’ve not heard a word I’ve said

I feel the pain, I live the life
I’m not afraid of dying
Just terrified of living on
Knowing only one way to stop the pain

All hope is lost to my broken soul
Never knowing what it’s like to smile
Only knowing my way of stopping hurt
And when it’s over, I hurt again

Sweet Bliss

Copyright, Felicia

Sweet crimson blood runs through my veins,
It has hints of happiness,and loads of pain.
One little cut lets it all go,
The pain and the sadness can finally flow.
I feel no pain only sweet bliss.
All in great thanks to this sweet razors kiss.


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