Bleed Out

Copyright Fallen

Feel My pain
Watch it bleed
Down my arm
Mixing with tears
Pouring out for attention
But I am invisible to the world
How much blood do I have to bleed
To be notice as a human
Why can’t you treat me
Just like everyone else
Is that too hard
I guess so
Well I’ll just
Cut one more time
Let it pour onto the floor
And my body turns white
Then maybe I am human


Copyright Fallen

She opens the door to find the child
huddled in the corner curled in a ball
this child is bleeding her heart is torn
her soul worn from the battles and scorn
The childs tears mix with her mothers
their pain is dealt by others
she cries out loud now her pain is too much
no one cares about her issues and such
her mother tries to comfort and hold her at bay
but this pain it grips and it stays
it is not ready to let this tortured soul free
so it tears deeper and blinds her to see
her mother sits and cries and continues to try
to help her daughter see through the lies
but her daughter is riddled with pain
and her arms red with this external stain
the suits walk in now a moment to late
her daughter now stands at heavens gate
This pain was just to much to bare
so her daughter cut with so much care
the veines that feed her weak little shell
her only fear now is she will rot in hell
The casket is shut now and tears they are shed
down heavens path this poor soul is led
a life lived in pain
a death by red stain
and finally she is at rest
and can let it all off her chest


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