You’re the Reason

Copyright, Flower

What does it mean to cry?
You’re lonely upset,
And want to die
You want to leave
And never come back
End your life, just like that
You go home crying to your bed
Your mother is out so not a word is said.
You open your draw and pull out a knife
This is the night your going to end your life.
1 swipe at your left wrist leaves a cut so deep
Bright red blood begins to seep.
Your head starts to become all light
And slowly you start to loose your sight.
You fall over onto the ground
You do not hear another sound.
You don’t know why you are crying
Is it the fact that you are dieing?
You take your last breath of air
Your friend walks in, she stops and stares.
She looks at you, on the floor as you lie
Then she breaks down and cries.
You sit quietly in your coffin with no mourners near
For the look of your body they shiver in fear
Cuts on your wrist and a gash at your throat
And your hand gripping a blood spattered note
A brave man walks out from the crowd
He picks up the note and reads it out loud…
‘You’re probably wondering why I took my life
How selfish I must’ve been to pick up that knife
But if I wasn’t lying here would you even see?
Would you have thought for 1 minute about me?
You never really saw me, you always looked right past
Who would’ve thought these words would be my last…
I hope your happy, your the reason I’m here
Lying in my coffin with no one else near
You never even cared about what was going through my head
I hate to be the one to tell you this but…
You’re the reason that I’m dead.’


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