Shadows of the Night

Copyright, Fleur

Through the shadows of the night,
The girl wakes from a fright.
She dreamt of blood trickling down her arm,
Even though she stays quite calm.
She dreamt of the blade going deep,
So that the blood does seep
Deeper and deeper does she go,
The blood seeping out faster making her feel low.
Slowly and quietly she begins to cry,
Then she lets out a little sigh.
Deep in the mist of her own mind,
She thinks of how she has been too kind.
Too kind to herself, and her life,
She needs to end it with a knife.
The girl dreamt of her eyes last blink,
As blood streams down the sink.
It begins to form a river,
And her lips begin to quiver.
She can do as she likes: she’s home on her own,
She lets the blade sink deep into the bone.
It cuts through the veins,
Causing immense pain.
Slowly her heart begins to fade,
On the floor she is laid.
It made the girl consider her own life,
Deep under her bed she keeps a knife.
Happy she will now be,
For the entire world will be able to see.
Even though she was always smiling.
But deep inside, she was crying
The little girl who dreamt this in her head
Is now nothing but dead…

The Hider

Copyright, Fleur

I want to fade away
Hide in the night,
Curl up in a corner
And say I am alright.
I want to go and leave now
End my terrible life,
Everything is such a mess
I need the help of a knife.
If I had a blade
I would dig it in,
Cut up all my arm
Ending all my sin.
Everything would be ok
The world would be a better place,
But for now I am left in a heap
Trying to hide my face.
The thought of dying goes away
But deep inside I feel the hurt,
The pain and the suffering
Me feeling like dirt.


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