Wanted Escape

Copyright, Flick

Hips swaying to the sharp beats,
His hands creeping around my body.
My smile appears as he kisses my neck,
Lips so soft against my warm neck.
That small amount of happiness enters.
What am I doing, my legs carry me away.
My body shivers against the cold tiles.
The raw tears start to flood,
Tearing down my hot cheeks.
The memories start to come back.
The feelings overwhelm my body.
To much for me to handle
I need it to escape,
The only way,
Small droplets of relief appear,
Leaking from a deep line.


Copyright, Flick

You where always there for me, listened to my pain.
Understood and never judged.
You saw me, the real me, skin stripped bare.
Never did you question the things I had done.
Never did you rebut the memories I shared.
You helped me, in ways which you would never imagine.
You were like and angle, sent for me.
Wings spread to comfort, ears open to listen.

You stole my heart from me,
That day you held me as I cried,
Wiping away every salty tear,
Which streamed down my hot cheeks.
Comforting me against my memories,
And my burning heart full of pain.
You never cared about my scars,
Patch working around my body.

Each day my feelings growing stronger,
My heart racing ever time we talk,
My body shivering with your every touch,
With every kiss lips quiver,
Losing my breath every time you stood near me.
I never knew one person could be so perfected in every way.
Perfected alike an angel,
Wings never leaving me,
My heart forever his.


Copyright, Flick

I was always there for you, through thick and thin,
Never did I know the damage you could do.
All those sleepless nights worrying about you,
All those tears I cried, waking with dry eyes.
I stuck by your side, even when you didn’t want me to.
I held you when you when you cried,
My shoulder wet with tears.
Never did I think of myself, always hiding my feelings.
Hiding my pain, until that one night.
I always saw things your way; never did you see them mine.
I sat there watching you make these mistakes,
Time and time again, every time trying to stop you.
You passed your pain onto me, although it was never pain to you.
I miss the days when life was simple.
I miss the days when we would go shopping together,
No cares in the world, just two young innocent girls.
I miss the days of having a scar less body.
The day which I wasn’t in pain,
The pain which caused so many scars.

His Lips

Copyright, Flick

His lips so warm and soft against my wrist,
As he kisses each scar along my small arm.
My cheeks burning hot, as a single tear falls down.
He looks at me, cradling me in his arms,
As my tears grow, streaming down my hot cheeks.
I cry as he brings back every painful moment,
Holding me tightly in his arms, never letting go.
Wiping every tear from me cheek as they slowly seep down.
I can feel the memories,
Reliving my fears.
I grasp hold of him tightly as I close my eyes,
My heart speeding as I relive it over.
The hands pushing me to the wall,
My mind racing over every detail.
It ends…
My body suddenly collapses,
Slumps into his arms.
He holds me as he wipes the last of my tears away,
Kissing my forehead,
Comforting me, from my fears,
From my memories.

Helpless Pain

Copyright, Flick

I sit staring, tears slowly falling down my face.
Pain so intense, it runs though my body,
Runs through my body till I can feel it throughout.
My body so cold, so alone.
So helpless against feeing,
The tears don’t stop, making an ocean,
The salty tears slowly blend with the red blood.
Forming a pool on the hard wood floors.
The feelings keep burning inside,
As the cut gets longer and wider.
The pool growing larger and larger.
The sensation of contentment suddenly flows,
The tears stop.
The content, calm feeling throughout my body,
For that moment of escape,
Will keep me here for another painful day.

Beautifully Scarred

Copyright, Flick

Beautiful is what they would say,
As she would walk into the room.
A black dress,
Barely covering her slender body.
A body full of hate.
Hate of lies.
Hate of scars.
Hate of herself.
Hate of the events which happen.
Hate of guilt,
The feeling which comes,
From the realisation of what she had done.
Beautiful is something she will never be.

All Alone

Copyright, Flick

Lying on the couch,
Body paralysed unable to move.
Tears flowing down soft cheeks,
Wetting the pillow underneath.
No ones home,
She’s lays alone for another day.
A disasters waiting to happen,
Her mind running through ideas,
Drugs, blades, alcohol… eternal sleep.
Her mind, only seeing the crimson colour,
The small trickle of blood running,
Seeping on the floor, to a growing pool.
Legs carrying her to her room,
The draw opens,
She reachers for her favourite item.
Flicks the blade up,
Falls on the floor,
Drags the blade slowly along her leg,
Deep, the trickle starts to appear,
Flowing quickly,
Gathering in a large circle,
Getting larger and larger,
The tears keep flowing as she claps her face,
Curling into a ball, watching the crimson pool.
Sobbing quietly, no one to hold her,
No one to care, tell her it will be ok,
Tell her its fine.
Just cold, isolated, alone.
She shivers… all alone.


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