Forsaken Angel


Copyright Forsaken Angel

A constant battle between wrong and right
Good and bad
Bliss and plight
Knives and cat claws
Peace and war.

A constant truce between
Flesh and blood
Truths and lies
Living but soon to die

But no calm can last
Like all, this must end
Slash the skin
Bring out what’s within
And end this fight now
Not with victory
But sorrow

The Plunge

Copyright Forsaken Angel

Those words cut me deep
Deeper than any knife
Plunged me further than ever
Into myself
Blood rushing in fountains
Cuts reopened
In my ankle
In my wrist
In my stomach
In my chest
In my heart
Leave me to die
I beg you

River of Red

Copyright Forsaken Angel

The crimson necklace hangs from her throat
A river so deep you could sail a boat
Dripping onto the pale flesh below
Twisting and turning the river does flow
Trickling and staining the Nile of red
Releases the aching inside of her head
At least for a while she can drown the pain
But it always floats back again


Copyright Forsaken Angel

The fury that I’ve been betrayed
My true identity somehow mislayed
This empty shell that I’ve become
My feelings inside are cold and numb
Sitting in the dark and clutching the knife
I wonder if this will end my strife
Slashing the flesh around my wrist
The snake of blood writhes and twists
Somehow now I know
This is the way I’m supposed to go
Why wait when it can happen now?
At least I can rest with the grace I know


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