What do they know?

Copyright Gabrielle

I sit across the hall from people who say they know, knew what it feels like!
People see my scars and know or think that they know me!
No one knows me; I hide the scars under the cotton shirts,
And the blood seeks through
Letting people know what I have done
Am I some kind of freak wanting to feel something!
Something other than thinking about what people think about me
I know that I shouldn’t
But it gets to me!
I sit in the bathroom with my razor slicing my pale skin hoping to feel something
Something, Something other than feeling nothing!
Always people walking in on me thinking they know
They blow it off not wanting to know what I have done.
I cry to myself at night hoping that no one will see the scars
When I am not covering them up!
There is always another person only wanting to help.
But never really know that they didn’t help
Until the blood comes rushing down my arm
As I lay in the bathroom crying for help that no one hears!


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