Glo Vargas


Copyright, Glo Vargas

i hurt all over, out and in
life full of hate life full of sinn
nothing is right every things wrong
ive been so alone for ever so long
i ache from love i ache from hate
Denied from happiness, is this my doomful fate?
what did i do, what was my mistake
need to get out of this nightmare, somehow wake
i only see one exit one way out
used to have second thought buts now there’s no doubt
i take a deep breath, my body stiffens
my breathing gets shallow, my heart beat quickens
i apologize to all i have hurt all i have failed
i grab my key to escaped press it across as i exhaled
all of the anguish and pain seeps out of my body good
now all just one big puddle, ill never again be misunderstood.


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