Copyright, Gina

I woke up today
knowing what I had to do
I push it out my mind
still a few hours to get through
I sit down to breakfast with my parents and my brother
they’re clueless to the fact
that we’ll never have another
I know it’s only a few moments I’ll have to stay stable
I get yelled at for spilling juice on the table
I get up and choke back my tears
go to the bathroom and shut the door
to make sure that no one hears
I look at my pale face in the mirror
my heart hurts
I can almost feel the pain getting nearer
I turn the water on so hot that it burns
and write the letter to whom it concerns
I step into the shower
and slit my wrists
I bite my lip
and ball my hands into fists
I wish my teeth would stop chattering
and my heart would stop racing
now my breaths are slower
and my heartbeats are pacing
I wait for some strange feeling to come
but I can’t see anymore
and my whole body’s gone numb
I hear no noises
just a few distant voices
from a happier time
when I was alive


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