Dazed and Confused

Copyright, Gerra

Dazed and confused
she sits in her room
she rocks back and forth
she has never been here before

At home, at school
she is very silent
she just gives up on life
and makes it a habbit

At her desk the tears fall hard
her hand is shaking
everythings her fault
she begins to write

When she through
she goes to a different room
she comes back to her mirror
looks at reflection

She raises her hand
takes the razor the only thing that understands
she cuts her wrists
and falls down hard

Shes laying on the floor
crying softly
she mouths the word “sorry”
and lets herself go

The next morning
her mother comes in
she finds her daughter
and the blood that was within

Her screams are so loud
and she stubbles down the hall
she can’t believe
her only daughter was now gone

She goes back to the room
sits by her daughter
holding her so tight
she looks up to a different sight

On the desk
she finds a letter
she opens it up
its so hard to make out

The letter went
to who reads this
I must be gone
and never think that it was your fault

I have been so lost
so confused deep inside
I couldn’t take it
so I let myself die

I know I was a mistake
but this like I couldn’t take
I’m sorry if you don’t understand
That I had to take my life with my hands

I never got to say
how I loved you so
sorry I couldn’t be there
to see you grow old

I didn’t want it this way
but there was no choice
I love you all
I mean it even when its not in my voice

He mom puts down the letter
she still doesn’t know why
she looks at her daughter
this was her silent goodbye

The Dark Place

Copyright, Gerra

I sit in the dark
Tears run down my face
The pain you have caused
Can never be erased

I take the razor
The only thing that understands
I make it do a straight line
Controlled by my hand

When the blood comes to
I sit back in relief
I can tell that the anger
Has been released

This is what helps
The pain inside
Just to release it
Oh great another cut to hide

No one really understands
The feelings I go through
Most think I do this for attention
But they can never really know the truth

I do this not to hurt anybody
Or to get any sympathy
I do this for the feeling
Of not being afraid

I don’t wish to kill myself
I don’t want to die
I just want you to see
The great person that is inside

You’ve ruined the chance
To really get inside
To know how I feel
So I wouldn’t have to hide

But you don’t get it
How you make me feel
You put me in this dark place
Thinking that I’ll heal

So here again I’m in the dark
No tears will fall, but I am still sad
I take the razor, my only friend
And release the pain once again


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