The Knife

Copyright, Grant

i shine in the clear moonlight,
the reflection of your face glints off me,
your tears drop in splashes,
they run down me in multiple little rivers.
you have been hurt I can clearly tell,
by some words that were thrown around.
not intended to hurt you,
but they did, and you realized,
that this world would be better with out you,
that’s why i’m here, your merchant of death,
a twelve-inch hunting knife,
that you calmly jacked from your wasted dad.
what you don’t realize is simple,
your merchant of death also killed your mom.
that’s why you’re here isn’t?
because your stupid drunk dad killed her,
with the same knife that you intend to use.
to plunge deep into yourself,
and let it all go, the pain, the sufferings
and most of all the rape and beatings,
given to you by your butt head dad.
you wanted to lose your virginity,
to your hot boyfriend, ryan,
but instead, your dad took it and ran with it.
you keep crying, trying to drown yourself,
drown yourself in your floods of tears,
but you know that’s not going to happen.
as you look down at me, you realize,
you realize what you must do.
you pick me up and look at me again,
you catch a look at yourself.
talking to my shiny blade, you tell yourself,
i’ve made up my decision,
good-bye world, i’m going to see my mom.
you raise me into the air,
and then its all over…
your drowning not in your tears this time, in your


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