Don’t Run Away from Me

Copyright, Greenstar

Me used and wasted
Me abused and tasted
Me frail and vile
Me pale and crying
crying tears of blood
not tears of salt
i know i cant stop
but its still all my fault
always hearing i love you
never feeling that its true
can’t it once just go right?
why cant i feel good?
why do i have to fight?
Me full of rage
Me spitting out venom
Me not acting, being real
Me not acting, this is always how i feel
i can pretend to be fine
I can pretend to not live a lie
i can pretend to smile and be vain
but in my soul there is stabbing pain
in my skin there i stab, no shame
holding a blade i slice my skin
but why do i do this?
why can’t i stop, just for him?
Me loving, or at least hoping i do
Him i’m shoving, but trying not to
Me crying, fragile in his arms
trying not to scare him away.


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