Copyright, Gurlgonegoth

The world,
is out,
to get her,
it chases her,
laughing as a cold sweat
runs down her forehead.
She trips,falling
drop. she lands,
on a bed of vines.
They grab her,
restrains her.
A scream rises in her chest
Yet she has no voice
to let it out.
So she lies there,
unable to move
to speak
or to cry,
The vines constrict her,
suddenly it gets harder
and harder to breathe.
Her breathing
the earth has won
her breathing has ceased,
as she shudders
for the last time.
She lies on her bed,limp
unable to feel herself,
as the pill finally
reaches its true height.
She opens her eyes
to look,
look at a world gone mad
a world that just
wasn’t meant to be.


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