Copyright, GeoBall

I used to harm myself; do you want to know how?
I cut my arms, let the blood flow.
Crazy? I don t know.
It is anyway, an act from the past
Did I hear that madness could not last ?
As the cutting stopped, my death wish grew bigger
My thoughts grew sicker
About life and death I did not bother
I even wanted to hurt other
I felt lost, unwanted and alone
There where no place I really could call my home
When I drank, I always wanted to fight
Feel fists hitting flesh, in the darkness of the night
If I could win, I did not care
I had no fear.
I probably should be locked up
At the mental hospital tied up
Depressions got darker
Life felt harder
Then with hair so black
She came, gave me hope back
Now when I rest
She s asleep on my chest
Life got a new meaning
Strange how even small things can change your feelings
Looking at her I ask myself:
Does this cat know she saved my life?


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