A Tale of Scars

Copyright Gaby

Here is your scar, my whispers turn into creams,
when I take the pain to the extreme.
I slice up my arm and spell out your name,
I can hide it well, it’s my silent shame.
Blood poors and falls to the floor,
the pains not enough I ache for more.
Will you help me now or watch me sufocate into your goodbye,
now you know you are one reason why.

Here is the scar I made just for you,
it stands for everyting you’ve put me through.
You promised you’d always be by my side,
but now I know that it was a lie.
So i dedicated all of my pain to you,
but I’ll be ok when the sea isn’t blue.

How does it feel to be the reason I bleed,
I can mask it cover it whatever I need.
But this pain still remains in the back of my mind,
if you do not see it then you are blind.
I can’t seem to forget the words that you said,
so I keep whatching my arm form a fountain of red.
Tears sting and roll down my face,
it’s already happened and I cant erace.
So I dedicate all of my pain just to you,
but I’ll be ok when the sky isn’t blue!


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