Suicide Anatomy

Copyright Eden

My feet
Bruised from my endless running
My legs
Covered up to compliment my self-concious
My thighs
With words carved into them
My hips
Sore from the pain of falling
My stomach
Churns with the knowledge of my future outcome
My wrist
Covered in the scars that define me
My arms
Tainted crimson from the blood
My shoulders
Weighed down by my choices
My neck
Scratched from the ropes that failed to end this
My head
Hung low in attempt to be unnoticed
My hair
Pulled out in result of the anger from your lies


Copyright Eden

I Look Into The Glass
See A Picrtue Of A Girl
Pretty In A Twisted Way
About To leave The World
Apart From Everybody
Living Nothing But A Lie
Starring At This Site Alone
Brings Tears To My Eyes
I Sit Here Watching Her Face
Her Eyes Are Soaked With Tears
Yet So Cold And Grey
And Twisted With Fear
I Barely Recognize This Girl
So I Give Her A Little Smile
In The Glass I See A Crooked One
Attempt Of Happiness, Denial
She Blinks For A Few Moments
Finally Ending The Cold Stare
Sheds Another tear
Feels Nothing But Despair
The Tear Turns Crimson
My Blood Hits The Glass
My Heart Aches With Pitty
Wish her Pain Would Pass
Her Hair Is Tangled With Secrets
Black To Match Her Eyes
The Only Way To End Her Pain
Would Be With Our Demise


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