Beautiful Pain

Copyright, Esperanza

All eyes locked
as she walks down the street,
she’s the gorgeous girl that
everyone hopes they will meet.
Isn’t she lovely?
her hair sways in the wind.
She hides pain so well
with that pearly white grin.
Who would have known
a blade hung on her belt,
as a comfort to use
at times on herself.
Isn’t she lovely?
Her eyes glisten in vain.
No one can tell,
red from crying in pain.
Isn’t she beautiful?
How they all hope to be,
all of them ignorant,
fake and naive.
She arrives home,
the door slamming behind.
Why can’t they see?
How can they be so blind?
She loaded the gun,
held it up to her head,
pulled back on the trigger,
falling soft on her bed.
Had a beautiful funeral,
no one bothered to show.
See her eyes that still pierce,
the black hair that still glows.
She just kept on walking,
Till was finally truthful.
Her life is now over,
But, look;
isn’t she beautiful?


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