Copyright Eris

red tears of blood drip to the floor.
satisfied i hide the blade in a box near the door.
on goes a jumper to cover up the gash
and i carry on with life until mum finds my stash
all the blood covered blades i had hidden away
i didnt realise they were gone til the end of the day
mum made me promise i would never cut again
but what does a promise mean when a blade is your only friend?

I Promised You

Copyright Eris

Promises don’t mean anything
That is why I lied
I told you I would never cut again
But now I’m trying to hide
Hide from you the deep gashes on my wrist
Hide from you the pain I feel the pain that makes me want to die
I hide from you the secrets that I keep locked up inside
I cut so deep this time; blood is dripping to the floor
I promised you, didn’t I?
I love u to death
But I don’t deserve you
I deserve to be in hell
Should I kill myself now?
For breaking a promise to you
I’m never going to cut again
That’s what I promised and I said that just for you.


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