To Be a Cutter

Copyright, Elizabeth

The problem is they don t know what its like to be
A cutter
To punish themselves for their wrong doings
To wonder if the scars will ever go away
To constantly be asked what the scars are from
To create pain to release pain
To replace emotional pain with physical pain
To be teased or be called insults such as
Mental, crazy, freak, weird
To abuse themselves
Mental and physically
To wear long sleeve shirts during the summer
Or to not wear a skirt during the heat
To have to explain what the cuts are from
To a little child
To be so numb they need to feel and bleed
To be held in this painful addiction
Wonder if they will ever overcome it
Be happy

Painful Addiction

Copyright, Elizabeth

In her room
She sits and cries
Painful tears
Fill her eyes

Silent screams
And cries of pain
Arms full of cuts
And scars of shame

Alone in this world
A blade as a friend
To stop her pain
To make it all end

She lies in her regret
Spills of blood drop
This is her way
To make it all stop

A Cutters Reason

Copyright, Elizabeth

Down my leg
Cuts so deep
Fun to watch
The crimson seep

You put the blade
To the skin
Kill the pain
That lies within

Sometimes its like
You feel so numb
To feel alive
Is to see it run

But it feels so good
When it goes
And watching closely
As blood flows

But when you cut
The pain goes away
You sometimes wish
There’s another way

Secret Friend

Copyright, Elizabeth

I have a friend who I have to hide,
his prescence is not liked.
I have a friend who makes me feel,
like everything will be all right.
I have a friend who I put away,
when anyone comes near.
My friend is never welcomed,
and he often invokes fear.
He’s my friend, but he’s my enemy,
who helps but also hurts.
You see, his first name is razor,
his second name is blade.
But even with his help,
my pain, it will not fade.

As The Blood Drains Out

Copyright, Elizabeth

I am in control
When nothing else is
I can say when and where
To carve these item
Into my flesh
Deeper and deeper each time
Cutting past the bad
Letting out the good
As the blood drains out
I suddenly am calm
This is my way to cope
With the shit I am living
I am being set free
As the blood drains out


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