Copyright, Els


I wake everyone morning, filled with fear,
Wondering why on earth am I’m still here.
I have no goals; I have no aims,
All I feel is sadness and shame.
Aimlessly I walk around, oblivious to people and sound.
A busy room, filled with cheer,
My eyes roam my half-empty beer.
I want to die; I want to be free,
I want to be ridden of this mind filling misery.
A burden to my friends is what I feel,
Everyday this pain seems all too real.
If only you could see through my eyes,
And feel this pain,
You would understand my torment and hidden strain.
A smile to disguise my fears,
Jokes and stories,
To trap away the hidden tears,
I have nothing to show for the years.
So what do I do, but carry this load
I’m glad this poem has been told.


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