Emily Ashley

Crimson Tears

Copyright, Emily Ashley

Pushing harder into my skin,
As I watch my tears flow.
Weeping crimson from my veins,
Why? — you’ll never know.

Glistening under the candle light,
My blade seems like my saviour.
She has the power to take away pain,
Does that justify my behaviour?

Trickling down my thoughts dissapear,
The pain has gone away.
I sleep, little satisfaction,
It will return tomorrow day.


Copyright, Emily Ashley

Living in a world of shit, Hell was so much better, once again depression reigns.
My life is a pointless journey, I wish it would end, the colour has faded deep withih, the darkness blends into my skin, what should I do now?
The pressure rises my minds a blank, the words I speak are sins,
As I concentrate on my whole surroundings,
I realise I have nothing.
No one understands the way that I visualise our future, No one fears me, as I fear myself,
We were all born to die.
Take my sould and corrupt my mind with anger,
I recall no warning of this danger,
Oblivion is but a heart beat away,
Reality is clueless.
I gaze upon an unclean mirror, my reflection is dead,
My face pale as a moonlit sky, my eyes filled with hate,
Is this really me?
Inspired by the worlds faces, so many, yet so little emotion,
To grow a black rose would turn the earths false innocence to mud,
Take me away from this lonliness, clean these scarred veins,
The cuts have healed, but my thoughts are shattered,
The needle ever blunt.


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