Copyright, Elf

I wish there was a way to release
This Anger
This hurt
Its eating away at me
But I can’t seem to stop it
Its eats throw my mind
And then through my skin
Its a vicious cycle
I hate how it turns
A good girl bad
Happy to sad
It bleeds
And it screams
And its just too damn wrong
I only wish I could stop it
For good

I turn this knife
In my hands
I run the blade
Through my fingers
I feel its chill
Upon my skin
I want to know
Its numbing effect
I feel the rush
As I start to push down
I know my life
Is in my blood
And by ridding me of it
In a scarlet flood
I am softly killing my body
As my soul is already dead

Gotta stop the blood from flowing
Its pouring from my wounded wrist
Its gushing a ruby red river
And its spilling onto the bed
I put pressure
On the wound
The blood slowly ceases
And I breathe in relief
Gotta stop the blood from flowing
Gotta stop my cutting


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