Living Among the Dead

Copyright, Tamara

Feeling so hopeless and empty inside
No one will help me and no one has tried
Wanting to be loved,No more feeling alone
Stop this feeling the feeling of the unknown
I try to fight
But realize its not alright
To fall to the blade
When my reflection starts to fade
Because I cut so deep
I now fall for this eternal sleep
Were I cannot awake
When my head slowly begins to ache
And I start to cry in the torchered dark place
Only realizing I lay in my own basket case
But the sound of laughter fills my mouth because I know I just died
Feeling nothing but relief from inside
As I gaze at the people that are crying
I want to tell them that I was’nt even trying
But its to late because Im dead now and feeling no remorse
Only The pushing, pulling force
And as I walk away to say my last good byes
burning lucid tears begin to fill my eyes
Because I never felt any hapiness or love
But Im better now because I live in the heavens above


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