Always an Addict

Copyright, Tin

If love is for fools
And all lovers are morons
I’m decidedly pleased
To be one of the lucky few
To let go
Is to live
When there’s someone
There to hold you
Hands free
Feet free
Free of your conscious
To let them in
On this secret bliss
But why should I?
Please let this be
My next addiction
For once let pleasure
Win over pain

Control Written on Your Arm

Copyright, Tin

I’ll take a picture
but never show you
because you wouldn’t understand
that there’s nothing you can do

and you’d wonder how much pain
it’d take me to stop
and how much blood
will have to be lost

so you’d try to “help me”
call it self-mutilation
and not seeing it for what it is
pure and simple perfection

like constellations on my arm
the cuts and blood appear
my lust for it grows deeper
and so does your fear

i know how this will end
and I know that you see it
I prepare for my loss
while you try to make me quit

but nothing makes
me feel more sane
than cutting myself
causing my own pain

I Cried

Copyright, Tin

i cut tonite
because i forgot how it felt
to be defeated and alone

i cut tonite
because i know there are things
i’ll never have and you’re one of them

i cut tonite
because i wondered how long
i will be depressed this time

i’ll cut tomorrow
because i’ll still see
that this will never end


Copyright, Tin

call me uncivil
call me unclean
whatever you say, be mean
pull my hair and
throw me to the ground
whisper to me that you don’t care
touch all my imperfections, make them go away
you have no idea how long i’ve waited for this day
please abuse me, hurt me if you dare
make me know how much you love me
show me exactly how life can be unfare
ignore every word i say
don’t let me think you cared
tell me lies, boldfaced lies
till they tear me up inside


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