Terry P

Inside my Soul it Cries

Copyright Terry P & Meridyth

Twisted voices
Deep in my mind
cry like a child
Lost, left behind

A face in the night
Like a brick in the wall
deep in thought
Down a twisted hall

Alone no laughter
Voices that haunt
People and there faces
With words they taunt

Words like a knife
With darkness to cover
Cuts that are so deep
An Angel that hovers

No more voices
Taunting my mind
Tears like a child
They left me behind

Too Tired

Copyright Terry P

Too tired to live
Too tired to bleed
Knife in hand
I wanna be freed

Away from the pain
And the hurt of life
To live no more
To have no strive

It’s set in mind
A life will end
The knife cuts deep
The will wont bend

Time so slow
Hours go by
Body to release
A soul to fly

A pool of blood
Blood so deep
A stranger laughs
No one weeps

Too tired to live
Too tired to bleed
Knife in hand
I’m finally free

When the Cuts Heal

Copyright Terry P

I cut my chest
The wounds are deep
I now lay down
And soon to sleep

I feel the warmth
Let the blood run
The heart beats slow
It soon will be done

You say i’m worthless
And i’m to blame
For how you feel
I hurt the same

The blood stops flowing
The cuts will heal
But no more pain
Will I ever feel

A Bi-polar Mind

Copyright Terry P

Raceing of minds
Nights of no sleep
Thoughts of no order
A soul that weeps

A mood of change
A temper that flars
A world all alone
No one that cares

To rust no one
A will that bends
Deceit of truth
When will it end

A time to die
A time to kill
Knife in hand
A heart wont heal

My Demons

Copyright Terry P

I’m in the wind
I travel afar
I’m in your dreams
Your skin I’ll scar

I’ll steal your trust
I’m one of a kind
I’ll crush your hopes
I’ll control your mind

You never see me
I come in the night
Your soul I want
But you cant fight

Give me now
What I need
Cause in the end
You’ll cut to bleed


Copyright Terry P

Every night that passes
That I don’t hear your voice
They tell me I need to bleed
They tell me I have no choice

I see you standing there
I hear you in my mind
Your thoughts are of sorrow
The blind that leads the blind

I don’t know where to turn
I don’t know which way to go
A storm moveing in
the winds start to blow

Thunder the only sound
Lighting fills the sky
I fall to my knees
My soul starts to cry

My knife in my hand
Add’s another scar to my chest
I’m cursed to hell
Maybe it’s for the best


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