Copyright, Ty

quietly i fall,
with each word you dont say…
silently the tears roll,
with every step you take,
just to walk away…
quickly my breath holts,
to a single wonderous gasp…
slowly your blood flows,
when i took your life back…

Clocks to Slow

Copyright, Ty

the increments of time choke me
as the minute hands slowly ticks away…
im constantly going over those epithets that i shared so well with you
wishing with each day
to change what ive made
to bring back what ive lost
to so horribly have you love.
the long hours i wait
for your warm touch
for your loving hugs
for you alone…
i minutely break away from my world i have come to know
since my pain is to great to bare
and my tears have for ever iced over
like crystals to my caved in heart

Forever Photo

Copyright, Ty

they say a picture lasts forever
but soon youll fade away,
and ill be left with just a memory
a thoguth of your eyes lingering in my photo
staring within me to read my soul
i dare not look away
for what youll find
will make you bleed
some place
some way
far from here in time
youll then find my pictures
and your grand kids will ask
so you will tell them a memory
thats long gone past…

Still Love Me

Copyright, Ty

getting on
always hard
alone is this world without you

two hearts never part,
i wonder if its true…

will you still love me?
next week?
in a year?

will you want me to come home with you
fall asleep
oh so near?

or will you lie,
tell me your busy?

when you look at me,
i swear i still see it,
the way you looked at me long before
because your eyes never did lie…


Copyright, Ty

look into my eyes
see the pain i hide
try to scream out loud
with every word that cormes from your mouth

feel the gash you tore
hear the thoughts i bare
knwo the things i said
were always going to be true
and knwo that forever
i will always love you

distant and cold form the world
my tears are ice for years
this snowy place
i call my home

someplace you can never go
someplace thats all my own
where i can stand alone
and escape from you

watch me bleed tonight
this is my last fight
my end i drawing near
just to hear you tell me
that you
love me too


Dark and Gloomy, Forget You

Copyright, Ty

These tears have grown old,
Her Lips were pure
And a mother’s love was mine
Age molds innocence,
Into frameless portraits;
So abstract, so I wish you luck…

These tears have grown mold,
Each forgotten and obtuse
Surrounding me in led
Destroying me and my god

These tears have grown frigid,
Greeting black december psalm;
It’s not a choice but i just can’t…
Descend; gallop so swiftly the cold
Thus keeping you nearest to mine
Frozen, forever beautiful,
Forever lost within my tears.


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