Tortured Soul

No Pain

Copyright, Tortured Soul

I’m sitting on the bathroom floor,
curled into a ball.
My eyes are rimmed with red
[with regret, with tears]
I am curled into a fetal position
I wish I could be smaller
I’m reliving this nightmare
I’m feeling this pain, reliving the attack
[and I’m feeling what every other victim has felt]

So here I am ,curled up into this ball,can’t get any smaller
I’m banging my head against the wall
[but you won’t come out]

I pick up the scissors
my scissors
[my salvation, my.god.]
and I cut into my arm
I’m cutting out the memory
I’m cutting out the pain
and my arm begins to bleed

and it starts crying
[like me]
It’s pouring out memories

it’s red like my eyelids

and I’m not hurting anymore…


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