Hidden in the Black Corner of Life

Copyright, Tori

isolated in my place,
my black corner of life,
watching as my world tumbles down around me,
powerless to do anything to stop it,
i cant talk to anyone,
people dont take me seriously,

underneeth the happy hyper girl,
there is so much pain in her heart,
years of fear in her eyes,
a lifetime of lonleyness.
hidden so the rest of the world cant see
but it is all on her arms,
deep and red,

the razor blade is her best friend,
she uses it to realese her from her prison,
when it all gets too much,
she feels empty,
empty and out of control,
she thinks of ending it all right now,
never to feel the pain again,

all she wants is someone to talk to,
someone who will listen and understand,
not write her off as a freak,
she knows it isnt going to happen,
so she stays disguised behind her mask on the outside,
isolated and hidden in her black corner of life on the inside.


Copyright, Tori

please kill me,
just let me die,
i feel like shrivelling up inside,
the taunts, the names that come my way,
no one will give me a chance to say,
how much they are hurting me inside.

they wait for me after school,
there is clear hatred in their eyes
i run the rest of the way home,
run up to my room,
get the razor blade,
run it along my arm,
feel the anger and the pain leving me,
as the blood runs down my arm,

there are tears running down my face,
as i think that i have to go to school tomorrow
and feel the pain all over again.


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