I Won’t Be Missed

Copyright TK

The flick of a wrist
The flash of the blade
A trickle of blood
Emotions start to fade
Thinking of all the mistakes
Remembering each I made
So many smiles, empty fakes
This tune the knife played
Flowing in a flood
The price now payed
I won’t be missed…


Copyright TK

I will only ever be what I was meant to be
And one day you will wake up and see
There was never was any chance for me
Not now, not ever could I be free
free from these demons inside my head
each one whispering, ghosts but not dead
encouraging, demanding, begging for red
mocking each and every tear I ever shed
but now each voice is silent, mourning
the enormity of our situation dawning
for you left with no real warning
each side of me crumbling and falling
for you’re no longer there
with no-one else to care
we wonder if we dare
to open our skin so fair
Pour out all the pain
Each droplet a personal gain
For all the emotions felt in vain
So only peace will remain


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