Copyright, Tracy

I lay there in the dark alone, again,
Wondering what I had done to deserver this life of pain.
He whispers in to my ear a secret, one I must never tell,
But he says I can show people it…

I wonder what he means by this,
As I look to the table I see him,
Sharp, strong, and stable,
I relies I am none of these thing.

So a pick him up, I pick the source of all my power,
His so sharp, only for a moment I fear him,
But then I think, he’s my friend, my guide,
Or could he be my god?

I place him on to my wrist,
And it slides alone my skin so smooth, and easy,
I wait for it to come, the red river…
It feels so good, so warm, so loving.

A minute has pasted, I look down and begin to cry,
How could I do this to my self, as I look down I feel more and more worthless,
So I cut again, and again, harder, faster and deeper in to my flesh…
Pain, that’s all I felt, and pain is the only thing I will ever feel…

I wipe away they blood, and try to cover up the cuts,
Deep… so deep in to my flesh,
I place him down, I should throw him away, forget him…he only course pain,
But I can’t, I need him so…

You see he is pain, and all I feel is pain.
So together we make a pear.
I’m week, scared of life where as he is strong… and is hungry for life…
My life….


Copyright, Tracy

Escape is never a soloution
True troubles will never dissapear
They’ll haunt you and in your mind they’ll bubble
true troubles will fill your life with fear

Theres only one way out and I know it
It’s going to have to happen anyway
Theres now way to avoid it, theres now where to hide
Im going to have to die soon someday

dont try to run dont try to use cunning
there is no hiding from the grim
death is my only savior
from the demonic hell Im living in

The endless fountain of life will soon end
with all the evil may it be
hurt, pain, sorrow, destruction
death has finally come to take me

What have I done? Do I want to go back?
was this meant to be my fate
think about it, but dont change ur mind
It just might be to late


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