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Why am i different from other poeple?
No one knows how i feel
everyone goes on with their life
i just sit there and face what everyone expects of me.

Its kinda hard to put in words
why i have my scars
alot has been going on latel my ____ is dying, my best friend is lost
and i am sick of this cruel world

it all started with that fat cunt
he hurt me si bad
i can never walk alone or sleep at night
everytime i see him i have to put up a fight
she is still with him
i told her what he is like
he will hurt her soon and leave her in the dark

Simone is the only one who cares
we have lost our group
and all she can do on the outside is stare
well i think i have had my say
i just hope for everyones sake i make it through the day


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