The Torn Princess


Copyright, The Torn Princess

My heart is breaking
Fingers aching
Tears fall black from darkened eyes
Accumulating in a bottomless vile
Of faded hope and hellbound lies

Demons rape my mind
Taking me down to the floor
Lying cold, unable to move
Broken in screams, tormented by dreams
Your flame burns low

The focus spins, as they come for you
A fallen angel spreads her scarred wings
Lips of blades and eyes of daggers
Planting a single kiss of death upon my wrist
And the prophetic rush of blood begins to flow

Cryptic nights
Hoping to die
Afraid to sleep
Afraid to cry
For the morbid may be harkening

Reflections of your flesh in the mirror
Are a distortion to your clouded mind
Grabbing for the knife, to sanctify your pain
Almost a sin for how it is so satisfying
This is my sacrifice

A Walk With Me

Copyright, The Torn Princess

I saunter through the streets of life
A blade in my hand
A picture in my head

What will they send me next?
What heartbreak do I overcome now?
I can’t take this no more
It’s killing me you see

Having dreams of things
If I wasn’t here
Would tears be shed?
Would I fell guilty?

Take a walk with me
See what I see
Get inside my head
Feel trapped and dead

Scream for that feeling inside
You won’t know what I mean
Unless you’ve felt it
Unless you’ve lived it

The glass does break
The skin does cut
The light submerges in darkness
The lyrics go mind to soul

I slow down
The world speeds up
Deep cuts disperse
Im drowning in the undertow

…And all the while I tell you this
You look, you listen and write down my life
But you don’t know the pain inside
You don’t know what it takes to make me feel alive


Copyright, The Torn Princess

Why do I want to die today?
My heart will never follow
I layed down and cried today
Does anyone care?
Thinking of the ways I could do it
My perfect suicide

Going to sleep
Hoping I won’t wake up
No one would miss me
I wouldn’t miss me
Wanting to tell, but no one’s around
To hear my silent screams from deep inside

I cut wrist today
I wanted to feel it bleed
It felt so intense, I wanted to smile
To smile, that’s a change
A change so grand, my sanctum illuminates

I listened to the same song over and over
Hoping it would be replaced by a true love’s voice
Instead it just played
Not to my liking or my choice

Confused about life
Warnings I pass
The hot tingle of my slit flesh
Is all I need at the moment

I changed the song
Like I wish I could do with my life
But it’s not that simple
For nothing ever is

And now I sit and wonder
Wondering if I’m in anyone’s thoughts
Wondering if I’ll remember this tomorrow
Wondering if I’ll ever find where my soul lies
I shall not know now
But I’ll keep my goodbyes…

Like Love

Copyright, The Torn Princess

Broken hearts never heal
Even if they’re mended
Scars still grace the surface
Exposing the hurt inside
You never really realize
How much you love him
Until he has gone
On the brink of discovering new
Ahead an empty path
And, you’re scared
To let him go on alone
Not knowing if he’ll be alright
Not to be there when he’s in pain
And you feel as is it’s your fault
That he let you go
You feel worthless and upset
Missing everything that came along with him
Untying your stomach
When you hear his name
Why such strong feelings?
It wasn’t best for you
Then why so many countless tears?
You gave up potentials
Just to be with him
For him to hold you close
When you shake in fear
Tightening his hold
With every silent scream you make
Running your fingers
Up the veins in his arms
Kissing his wrists
And feeling his breathing
Upon your sweet skin
This love is what you smile for
What you hide your blade for
And when you think of future nevers
You cannot move
You cannot shut your eyes
My hears bleeds tears for him
And, it wont stop
Just like this love.


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