My Story

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Well when I started 6th grade I found that life had suddenly got harder and started to cut my arm with blunt sissors and pins, nothing big, but in grade 7, my best friend of three years Hung herself, and I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I took out a knife and cut as deep as I could closer and closer to my wrist. Now I am in grade 8 and things have gotten worse and I just can’t stand the pain so I took apart my pencil sharpener and started to cut with the blade. One day before school I cut my wrist and I didn’t realize that it was still bleeding in school and there was blood dripping on the floor, and that’s how everyone found out. My cuts are getting deeper and deeper and I just can’t stop. My friend would say “Jay, promise me you’ll stop” and I’d just reply with an “I cant promise you that”. But I’ve even noticed the cuts getting worse and worse and I think I should stop but it’s not that easy. So for now I remain another cutter with a story to tell.


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