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I’m 18, male, from Scotland. I started SH’ing about a week before I found out a close friend was also SH’ing wich was a mixed blessing. I often wonder why I SH and I guess I don’t really know. I am bi-polar and the depression is living hell sometimes and I know why I cut then, but sometimes I think I SH for no reason. I cut a bit deeper every time and I cut every day. I don’t cut so badly that I would ever need stitches, but I often want to, which scares me. I write a lot of poetry and sometimes I show people it because I can be very open with most things as long as I am not face to face. I have started to see a doctor, but I don’t feel that is going well. I have a thousand thoughts in my head, but they don’t make sense when I put them in writing. Anyway, there’s a little bit of me — not the best bit I’m sure, but not the worst.


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