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I want everyone to know there is hope. I was a self mutilator for about 5 years. At first it started out as minor scrathces. I would lock myself in the bathroom at home, in school, anywhere. My survival kit as I called it included a purse full of razor blades and a cigerette lighter. My parents eventually found out. They claimed it was for attention. I could not seem to make anyone understand. Everyone at school thought I was a freak. I wore long sleeved shirts all year round. I was in the locker room changing and someone seen my arms. I felt so ashamed. I stopped attending school. My life went downhill shortly after that. I had to go to ER for stiches numerous amounts of times until finally my family and doctors gave up on me and put me in a state run institution. After about 4 years in and out I finally got out. I have been out of the hospital for about 3 years now. I haven’t cut myself in about 4. I still go to therapy and have learned some great coping skills. I am no longer ashamed of the scars on my arms. In some strange way they saved my life.


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