Jesse Ann

Who I Am

Copyright Jesse Ann

I am the girl sitting in the hallway, with my nose in abook and my music blaring. I sit there every single day, even when mnay people are running off to their clases. Sometimes people step on me, sometimes they smash me with their bags or locker doors. I’m use to that though.

I am the fellow student, who says hi to you in the hallway, but you don’t notice. You just keep going. Leaving me behind. I know that in this life I am to be alone. So I might as well get use to it. Though it would be nice if once in a while you could say hi back, letting me know that I am not so alone in this place. That I do have people who would notice if I just up and left. Would any of you notice and wonder where I went?

I am a citizen here who has many scarsL physically, mentally and emotionally. Bet you didn’t know that! Some are cuts that are scabbing up, others are still bleeding and will for a long long time. Sorry but I don’t want your sympathy, I truly don’t. Your hand in friendship and support would be nice. But if that is too much to ask, then I won’t bother and keep going down this crooked path.

I am the child travelling down this crooked path, trying to keep my balance, and my life intact. So, well at least, trying to fix it.

Someday soon it will be fixed, if not well then I will face that when the time comes.


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