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Well I guess I just started because my life turned like woah totally upside down, I’m 14 turning 15 really soon, and I started cutting at the beginning of grade 9, at first I did it because someone else I loved was, and I wanted to know what the big deal was, then I got hooked, and it’s not like one day you can just say I’m gonna stop. Because after a while, you begin to do it because well it’s there. I have scars and when people see them I have to say my cat or something, but they got so bad people didn’t believe me, after a while, I realized I was cutting, and I had forgotten why I was in the first place, I would miss feeling it one my skin, and I would miss knowing something could free me, then my parents found out, so they took away everything, so I would sneak pop cans in my room, or break tiny makeup mirrors and cut. I cut my arms, I cut my legs, I cut my tummy, and other places. Then I began to not eat, I thought I’m messed up. Then me and my best friend tried to stop and we did for a while and then we began again. But for now I haven’t done it in 2 months 2 weeks and 3 days, and I’m trying really hard, I just try and find ways that are different like screaming or hitting my self (better than cutting) so that’s my story, please try and help yourself, because all of you cutters know, that no one else can. And I know that you probably don’t even remember your problem why you begun, or why you still feel messed up, but you’re gonna figure it out, just go sit on your bedroom floor in the dark, no music, and hold your razor (don’t use it) and just look at it, and think. Always look at what your doing. I know I did. take pictures and look at it after, it helps. Thanks.


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