Because of Love

Copyright JazminLee

When I hear your name, my knees go weak. All I’d like is to hear you speak. Through all your insults and all your remarks, between us I see a few little sparks. Everyday I wait to see, if for just one moment you might notice me. I don’t know why I like you so much, it could be because of your soft gentle touch. You act so rough yet you are so sweet. When I hear your voice, my heart skips a beat. But I m starting to realize that I’m invisible to you. Thank you for sending all those useless clues. About how you hated me and how you wished I were gone. So what I’m about to do is just to please you. I take the knife out of the drawer. And cut and cut until I bleed some more. I hope you’re pleased, I hope you’re content. Tonight my life came to an end. Because of love, I used that knife. Because of love I ended my life.


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