Julie S


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My name is Julie and I’m twelve years old. I haven’t been cutting for a long time, about a year. But once you start it’s hard to stop.

I would have a lot of problems at home and at school it was so much for me to handle. I started pinching myself and I seemed to love the pain so I moved on to cutting. I would cut with anything possible. But I was so stupid that I didn’t stop when I saw that things got bad. I got sad real easy since I’m an emotional person. This was my way of letting out my emotions. So when I got dumped by a boyfriend I got really emotional, or when I had problems at home.

When things got really bad was when I had a boyfriend that knew I cut but he didn’t care. So I would do anything possible to find something to cut with even if I was at school.

When things got worse was when I moved back with my dad because my mom doesn’t care for me. She still doesn’t care for me. I’ve been wound free for over three months now. Ever since my sister found out that I cut and was going to tell my parents but I begged her not to. So it’s possible to stop but it’s really hard no matter how long you’ve been doing it.


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